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Anise - Individual Cut and Prepped Portion

LHA Farm To Chef Microgreens

Anise - Individual Cut and Prepped Portion

$ 11.00

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Anise brings a distinct ancient sweet but piquant, licorice-like flavor to every dish to which it is added.  Beautiful almost luminescent tiny bright green leaves with gracefully shaped edges shimmer on the plate and crunch lightly when eaten.  Whether added to salads, dips, or seafood dishes, these aromatic greens with a mild anise-like flavor will make your taste buds take notice. Anise greens are tiny but mighty in nutrition; rich in anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin-C and vitamin-A.

Each portioned container of fresh heirloom locally and organically grown micro greens is delivered directly from farm to chef. The highest quality, no GMOs, no herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or other toxic agents.

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