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Why do I sometimes receive partial orders?

LHA Farm to Chef Microgreens is a commercial Aquaponic greenhouse farm that acquires heirloom seed from trusted sources, and then seeds, nurtures, raises, harvests and delivers local heirloom products directly to chefs. The Farm Team is dedicated to planning and executing a rigorous daily plan that is designed to ensure that every one of our valued chefs receives exactly what is expected on time every day, week or month as requested. Farms are not factories, and are held to the laws of nature that are not governed by humans. Occasionally seeds fail, or do not produce the quality of plants that will meet the LHA standard of delivery. Sometimes microgreens and petite greens simply take a little longer to mature than expected so first full orders are not complete. As a rule, we plan our growing cycles to fit the order and delivery cycle identified as needed by each chef. Freshness is most important – so if some of your products mature more quickly than the rest, the Farm Team usually harvests and delivers it to you immediately. However, we are chef-driven, so if you would prefer not to receive ANY of your order unless ALL of it is ready to harvest, we will gladly wait until every item is grown and harvested. First orders that contain products like mini vegetables, flowers, leaves, or blossoms may take more than 6-8 growing cycles. If the order is recurrent, meaning daily, weekly or biweekly, seeding will be done to ensure second, third, fourth orders and so on to be ready for recurrent deliveries ever after.

Why do I sometimes receive FREE products I did not order?

We love our chefs. When we have something wonderful to share with them, we do. So when a new exciting product is available, we share a bit with you to enjoy and sample (no charge, on us!). Also, when we cannot deliver something you have ordered in the quantity you requested, or in the format you wish, for some temporary reason, The Farm team likes to send you a gift to make sure you know that you are appreciated, you have not been forgotten, and as a promise that your desired product, quantity, format is on its way. If you would prefer NOT to receive free gifts, please just let us know.

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