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About LHA Farm To Chef Microgreens


Farm To Chef Microgreens is comprised of a small, mighty team that produces dazzling microgreens to grace plates and palates in the finest restaurants, bistros, and trattorias and deliver within 50 miles of where they are grown. 


Completely green, eco-friendly and eco-frugal, Farm To Chef employs the most efficient and highest quality microgreen production methods supported by the magic and science of Aquaponics with a net savings of 95% water consumption over traditional methods.  Weekly planned harvests and potentially scheduled daily deliveries fresh to the kitchens of the most creative chefs in the region ensure availability of the crispest, most vivid, flavorful and incredibly nutritious microgreens.  Signature harvests seeded, raised and delivered are also produced at the request of chefs to fulfill their specific microgreen color, taste, and texture requirements.


Local Heirloom Aquaponic Farm To Chef Microgreens is located in Montara and Half Moon Bay, CA and delivers daily to the kitchens of some of the most creative chefs within a 50 mile radius (San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley, East Bay, North as far as Napa, and the Peninsula).


Chefs may reserve their microgreens and schedule deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The Local Heirloom Aquaponic Farm To Chef Microgreens Customer service team is available every day from 7 AM to 9 PM  - 7 days a week ready willing and able to assist you to place orders, confirm delivery schedules, schedule signature harvests!  Just ask!

WHY Choose LHA Farm To Chef Microgreens?

  • Chefs, caterers, and cooks love beautiful, tasty, nutritious Microgreens because their customers do.
  • Local, heirloom (NO GMOs!), aquaponic microgreens delivered daily in living 8x8”flats or more traditional clamshells are the crème de la crème of the purest, most flavorful and colorful microgreens. Produce grown aquaponically actually meets a far higher standard of quality and purity than mere standard organic certified.
  • Eco-friendly and eco-frugal Microgreens are simply the right thing to do.
  • Chefs love to choose their own exotic ingredients, which include Signature harvests, small batch microgreens exclusively produced for specific restaurants.
  • Farm To Chef microgreens are superfoods, amazing nutritious while adding texture, color and flavor to every dish.
  • Farm To Chef Microgreens guarantees quality and consistency of its every harvest and excellent customer service.

  • HOW Does It Work?

    What is the difference between a Microgreen and a Petite green?
    • A Microgreen is a delicate sprout that is, at the largest, 1 inch in height. A Petite green is a slightly more hardy sprout that is larger than 1 inch in height and usually a maximum of 2 inches in height. 
    Can I set up a recurring order to be delivered every day/week/month/etc.?
    • Of course! Contact our dedicated customer service specialists and let us know your needs. Since we are able to deliver fresh and delicious microgreens and petite greens daily we can certainly accommodate your schedule! 
    If I order today, can I get it delivered today?
    • If we have the specified microgreens and/or petite greens growing and a driver available, we would be more than happy to rush you a delivery. If we are not currently growing what you need, we will grow it especially for you! Please know that this process could take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks depending on what type of green you are looking for (microgreen or petite green) and if we have the seeds on hand. Contact us at any time to see what we have available for immediate delivery. 
    Are you growing everything listed in the catalog all the time?
    • That’s what we are working on! We are currently growing a rotating selection of the products listed in our catalog but are not able to grow every item in every harvest. 
    Do you only grow the items in the catalog? What if I require a specialty item?
    • Just let us know! We are a chef-centric and customer driven company and want to provide you with exactly the items you need! Let one of our customer service specialists know any specialty items you want and we will source the seeds and grow them just for you!
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